Please accept my sincere condolences on the death of your loved one. At this time it is difficult to comprehend the next few hours let alone having to organize a funeral service. This is where I can help you.


I will make an appointment to meet with you, at a mutually convenient time, to help you step by step to prepare a funeral service for your loved one that will reflect their life and all that they stood for during their life.  It is not necessary for all family members to be present, however usually the immediate family wish to be there.


The interview session is relaxed and informal; we will chat about your loved one and their wishes, as well as your own, for their funeral service. I will help you feel as comfortable as possible during this sad time.


                                                     After unknown


                                                            I'd like the memory of me

                                                            To be a happy one.

                                                            I'd like to leave an after glow

                                                            Of smiles when life is done.

                                                            I'd like to leave an echo

                                                            Whispering softly down the ways.

                                                            Of happy times and laughing times

                                                            And bright and sunny days.

                                                            I'd like the tears of those who grieve,

                                                            To dry before the sun

                                                            Of happy memories

                                                            That I leave when life is done.





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